General Meeting for Cyber Security

May 7, 2020 (Thursday), 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm

General Meeting for Cyber Security

Our Cyber Security presenter is board member Eric Olmsted, President and CEO of On Line Support Tech Solution.

*Note that this will be an on-line meeting with login details to be provided before the meeting date. 


  • Securely Working From Home: Downloadable PDF from Eric Olmsted
  • Last Pass: a great and trusted password vault.
  • Duo: our preferred two factor authentication product.
  • Know Be 4: a great product for training employees and testing them through phishing e-mail.

Eric Olmsted

President & CEO

MCSE, CSSA, CNE, Allworx Certified

As On Line Support’s founder, Eric has a wealth of technology, service and business expertise garnered from more than 30 years in the technology/telecom industry. Starting as a Computer Programmer/Analyst for the US Army, Eric moved on to work in the robotics industry and then onto management and executive roles within both the technology and telecom industries. Always an entrepreneur at heart, Eric recognized small and medium sized businesses needed access to cost-effective, quality technology expertise and founded On Line Support in 1998. Eric is the kind of guy who’s always out to learn more, experience more, and give more. When he’s not at work (which isn’t often) you’ll find him racing Corvettes around the track, serving on a board of multiple non-profits, wine tasting or brew pub hopping with friends, reading the latest business book, or wrangling his three active grandchildren.